Messiah | Georg Friedrich Haendel

Cathédrale St-Théodorit | 21:30

Messiah is the embodiment of the majesty and the sublime music can be.


Sacred Venice, secular Venice | Vivaldi

Cathédrale St-Théodorit | 21:30

Tim Mead's sophisticated voice, the warmth of his timbre brought together with a magnificent presence on stage, make of him the perfect performer of these masterpieces.


Enjoy the summer | Temple de Moussac

Temple de Moussac | 21:30

Les Muses en famille's identity, is precisely family, parents and children sharing the same passion for early and baroque music.


Enjoy the summer | Temple de Fons sur Lussan

Temple de Fons-Sur-Lussan | 19:00

Les Muses en famille's identity, is precisely family, parents and children sharing the same passion for early and baroque music.


A traditional Russian wedding

Eglise St Etienne | 21:30

This show, choregraphed and sang by heart, mixes the beautify of the voices with a great sens of poetry and aesthetics.


A night in Versailles

Temple d'Uzès | 21:30

A non-formal night, and invitation to dream a poetic and musical dream.


Magic Mozart

La cour du Duché | 21:30

Mozart’s music is magic. Insula orchestra takes the statement literally.


4th Baroque academy of the Nuits Musicales d'Uzès

Temple d'Uzès | 17:00

After an intense week of musical exchanges between teachers and pupils, the academy will exhibit its work in the form of a concert. Chamber music, choir and orchestra will all be part of the event.


Recital with two pianos

La cour du Duché | 21:30

a repertoire that correspond to their energy and their expressiveness like shows the virtuoso and colorful programme they will play.


Overture, Concerto and Symphony

La cour du Duché | 21:30

Romain Leleu is regarded, thanks to his way of playing with a mix of virtuosity and elegance, as one of the best trumpet players of his generation.


Music and wine

Domaine Deleuze-Rochetin | 18:30

a concert-wine tasting at 18:30, another one at 20:30, your choice.


Kyle Eastwood - Cinematic

Cour de l'Evêché | 21:30

With “Cinematic”, the double bass player Eastwood confirms his love for cinematic, updating the classical themes of cinema.


Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald

Cour de l'Evêché | 21:30

Ella Fitzgerald loved big bands : She started with Chick Webb's big band, then went on tour and recorded with Duke Ellington's and Count Basie's.

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